Cupcakes and Counting is a bespoke cake atelier based in Dublin, Ireland. We specialise in stunning wedding cakes and eye-catching custom bakes that will surely add extra 'oomph' to your special occasion. Here at Cupcakes and Counting, we firmly believe that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication and we translate this to our cakes by keeping our designs neat yet still exude class and elegance. Our cakes are meticulously designed and hand-crafted to our clients' vision while incorporating our own signature style. Your cake should be as aesthetically pleasing as it taste and we aim to do just that!


How We Started

It was November 2013 when a super typhoon reduced the beautiful city of Tacloban in the Philippines to nothing but debris and rubbles. My husband hailed from this city so we were personally affected by this tragedy. The damage was so severe that the city was left with no power, no food, no clean water, and no proper shelter. Our family thankfully survived the onslaught, however, the number of casualties raised to alarming heights. The world moved its forces and extended as much help as they can. FIlipino and Irish organisations here in Ireland have also lend a helping hand. The support was overwhelming! We also decided to do a fundraising on our own by selling cupcakes. We were able to send a considerable amount of money to those who have been displaced and needing support back home. Our fundraising ended, however, the orders didn't stop coming. People were still asking for our cupcakes. After a few months and some serious consideration, Cupcakes and Counting was born. :)


Meet Your Cake Artist

Hello lovelies! My name is Jen, I was a trained neuro and surgical theatre nurse and now a professional cake artist. Originally from the Philippines, I now live Dublin, Ireland with my husband and our two beautiful daughters. 

Cake designing was an unfamiliar territory for me until we did the charity bake sale. I've discovered that there was a "sleeping cake artist" within me waiting to be woken up. I started watching online video tutorials and taught myself the how-tos of baking and sugarcraft. I also attended classes for a more thorough learning. I have a deep affection for flowers and these beauties are the main inspiration for my wedding cakes. I love decorating our wedding cakes with handmade, delicate sugar sculptures. I like recreating nature's blooms and turning them into edible art!